Giving Back in Puerto Morelos – Community Food Bank

Date: June 12, 2020

Today as we continue wrap up our “Spotlight on the Helpers” series we are sharing a community project spearheaded by our friend the unstoppable community organizer Robin Brown – the Banco comunitario de alimentos PM / Puerto Morelos Community Food Bank.

This amazing project was organized in direct response to the emergency situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic — thousands of people out of work with no governmental assistance or way to make money on the horizon.

Robin and his amazing group of volunteers got together and quickly mobilized to raise funds for and coordinate the delivery of packages of food and basic supplies to people in need on a weekly basis. Each package includes approximately 13 kilos (28 pounds) of food and basics.

It’s a huge task to sort through the requests for assistance and arrange to have the packages delivered to each recipient’s front door, but somehow they get it done! To date they have supplied packages to over 1000 families.

In addition to delivering the food/supply packages, they have also supplied 100 families with ecological diapers for their babies. This will not only help the environment but help the families save money on costly diapers.

185 Eco-Diapers donated by Ninos Pañales Ecológicos.

Help the Helpers

While they’ve been able to help many families so far, the need for assistance is still there, and will be for some time. Banco comunitario de alimentos PM / Puerto Morelos Community Food Bank is operated solely through donations and volunteer hours. Please consider helping them continue their project. Donations can be made through their GoFundMe page

We looked for the helpers and found them all around us — if that isn’t something to be grateful for, we don’t know what is. We hope you all are well and that we see you back here in Puerto Morelos in the not so distant future!


Kim & Gabriel