Giving back in Puerto Morelos – Community Kitchen

Date: June 10, 2020

Today our “Spotlight on the Helpers” of Puerto Morelos is shining brightly on two of our friends – Sonia and Marco – who responded to the pandemic by starting a Community Kitchen and have delivered hundreds of meals so far.

Here’s some background: In normal times, Sonia and Marco are known as Dona Sonia and Chef Marco – and they run a wonderful catering service and host private and group cooking classes. They are also well known in the community for their work rescuing (and, truth be told, adopting) animals. When he isn’t cooking or walking dogs, Marco is also a much beloved coach for the kids football program – Los Mapaches.

Inspiration for the Community Kitchen

Where there’s enough for two to eat, there’s enough for three.

When the pandemic hit, and Sonia and Marco saw that many of their neighbors and community members were really struggling to put food on the table, they had an idea. They were lucky enough to be able to feed their family, and, inspired by the old Mexican adage that where there’s enough for two, there’s enough for three, they decided to leverage their love for cooking and desire to support others into something more official — a community kitchen.

Everyone can do something, even if it seems small, with great love to make their world a better place. The same applies to our community kitchen: we don’t have the resources to do as much as we’d like to do in an ideal world, but we do have SOME resources, and we can make life better for SOME people. We have our love of cooking and belief in food as medicine and our drive to get out there and DO something good.

– Sonia Molinar

At the beginning of this project they began by using the food they had already purchased for their now-cancelled April catering and cooking classes. And they started by giving out meals to those folks that they knew personally who had been really affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

After a week of this, they saw that the need was only going to increase as the pandemic wore on, so they decided to reach out for donors. They asked for help (“Bean-efactors”) to keep the food wagon wheels turning on the Donia Sonia & Chef Marco Facebook page. It worked! And because they are able to produce meals for around 20-25 pesos per person (approximately $1 USD), they’ve been able to combine their resources with the donated funds to produce hundreds of meals.

The Community Kitchen is currently feeding approximately 50 people, three times a week. Sonia and Marco prepare the food and they work with other volunteers to deliver it. They know some of the recipients personally, others have been referred to them by friends. Some live in their neighborhood in finished houses, some are in shanty houses where they still cook with wood.

That’s what’s so neat about this project, that it’s small enough to be personal, but at the same time has organically spread out to different sections of our town, enabling us to interact with new neighbors.

– Sonia Molinar

We couldn’t be more in awe of Sonia and Marco. And we want to thank them for being such amazing members of our Puerto Morelos community.

To learn more about the community kitchen, check out the Dona Sonia & Chef Marco Facebook page and/or follow the hashtag #smallthingsgreatlove. If you want to help them with their mission, please do! Every little bit helps! Donations can be made via PayPal:

Unsolicited plug: We have had Sonia and Marco cook for some work events and for our families when they visit — delicious! We highly recommend their catering service and we hope to be able to take a cooking class this year (I REALLY NEED IT!) as we hear they are a lot of fun.

Stay tuned this week as we share different individuals and charities that are giving back in Puerto Morelos. Please take care and we hope to see you back here soon.


Kim & Gabriel