Giving back in Puerto Morelos – Food Bank for Cats and Dogs

Date: June 11, 2020

We are continuing our “Spotlight on the Helpers” series today with local heroes Claudia Mendiola and Daphne Gomita – who responded to the pandemic by starting a Pet Food Bank for our four legged community in Puerto Morelos.


Claudia has always been very active in the volunteer community in Puerto Morelos, so it was no surprise that she was quick to volunteer to assist with the two people-food bank projects in town.

During her work with the food banks, Claudia quickly saw that while people were struggling to put food on the table for their families, their pets were also suffering. With thousands left unemployed, there was no extra money for pet food… and no more ‘extra’ food scraps to share. Beloved animals were going hungry.

Taking matters into her own hands, Claudia teamed up with local vet Daphne and together they started the Food Bank for Cats and Dogs – Puerto Morelos.

In only two months this incredible project has already supplied two weeks of pet food to the following:


3000 lbs – 1300 kilos

Help the Helpers:

Food Bank for Cats and Dogs – Puerto Morelos is operated with donations and volunteer labor only. If you are able to help these ladies continue their important work, it would be wonderful. No donation is too small, every little bit counts. You can make donations to support this work in the following ways:


Mexican Bank Account for transfer.

Stay tuned this week as we share different individuals and charities that are giving back in Puerto Morelos. Please take care and we hope to see you back here soon.


Kim & Gabriel.