Why Run Away Realty?

For most of us, our home in Puerto Morelos is one of, if not our most, significant and valuable asset. It represents an investment of significant cash resources, time and energy. Just as you thought about your investment carefully before buying, and have carefully nurtured it over the years, when the time comes to sell your home, you need to proceed just as carefully in order to maximize the return on your investment. It is vital to work closely with a trusted advisor who not only knows the Puerto Morelos real estate market, but also has the expertise to guide you every step of the way – from setting a listing price, preparing the home for sale, preparing the documentation of your home for sale, addressing capital gains issues and navigating the closing process.

We are the home team.

We live here. We work here. We are involved in the community. Our focus is on Puerto Morelos real estate, period. We are intimately involved in the Puerto Morelos market on a daily basis — as soon as the housing market quivers, we know about it; and so will you. As an exclusive listing client you get the benefit of our knowledge and experience, as well as our commitment to walk step-by-step with you throughout the selling process. In short, when you give us an exclusive listing, we work for you.

One-on-One Relationships.

Working with an exclusive agent gives you a trusted point of contact. This is important in all real estate transactions, but particularly important in a market like Puerto Morelos, where you may not be here while your home is for sale. You can be assured that your agent is present at all showings – not only to provide valuable information about your property to potential buyers, but also to be accountable for who is in your home. We will coordinate showings with other agents, and with your renters, if necessary. We understand that many of our clients have a rental business, and will always be sensitive to that – giving renters advance notice of showings and working around their needs at all times. And you can expect regular feedback on showings and market conditions.

Accurate price evaluations.

Our mission is simple: to get you the best price possible within the realities of the current market. In a typical residential real estate market in the USA or Canada, market information is available to all – comparable sales information is readily available and it’s easy (for both sellers and buyers) to get an idea of what your property is worth. Here in Puerto Morelos? Not so much. Property information is private and sales information is not publicly available. The only way to truly know what properties are selling for is to be involved in the transaction. That’s where we come in. We have been involved in the majority of the sales transactions in and around Puerto Morelos for years – we know what properties actually sold for, not what the rumor mill speculates they sold for. Leveraging this information, Run Away Realty can help you sell your home without selling out. We’ll ensure that you compete aggressively by carefully evaluating other properties similar to yours, and by creatively positioning your home to attract the most qualified buyers.

Guidance in navigating the sales process.

Selling your property is a big undertaking. We know this and are here to help you through every step of the process. We can help you pull together your paperwork, fill in any missing blanks, figure out your capital gains exposure and get your property on the market at the right price. We will bring buyers to you, and once we get an offer, we can guide you through the often cloudy legal process to closing and work closely with any other professionals (lawyers and accountants, primarily) who make up your advisory team to ensure a seamless transaction.

Innovative Marketing in a Non-MLS Market = Maximum Exposure

The challenge of trying to sell real estate in a market with no multi-list system (MLS) is real! Not only do we need to market your home to buyers that we work with directly, we need to maximize the exposure of your home by marketing it to other real estate professionals working in the Riviera Maya, so that they may promote your home to their buyers as well. Luckily, we are up to the challenge!

Marketing directly to buyers is done via combination of listing on our website (good professional photos are an absolute must!), Point2Homes, social media and blog exposure, a weekly open house/Q&A session (during high season) wherein we offer information on buying in Mexico, as well as living, working and retiring here, signage, Open Houses, special event sponsorship, Property Information Sheets and more.

We maintain outstanding relationships within the local real estate community – Puerto Morelos and the Riviera Maya – and within our real estate associations (AMPI in Mexico, National Association of Realtors in the US) that allow us to showcase our listings to agents up and down the Riviera Maya and in the US and Canada. We are often the first call out of town agents make when they have clients looking for property in Puerto Morelos or when they are looking for a specific type of property that they can’t find anywhere else on the coast.

Same commission, more service.

Our exclusive listing clients pay the same commission as open listing clients – typically 6% – but receive much more service for their money. With an exclusive listing, it’s our job to sell your home. All of our resources and attention go into marketing your home, walking you through the listing and sales process until we finally culminate in a completed sale. You get the benefit of our market experience and knowledge and we handle the dirty work – we schedule and attend showings, market your property to other agents and coordinate showings with other agents, make sure your advertising is consistent across all formats (inconsistent or incorrect information in the marketplace can destroy the marketability of a property – buyers are already nervous about buying in a foreign country – any hint of something sketchy and they are out) and, once we’ve sold the property, we coordinate everything for the closing.