This Week in Puerto Morelos – July 2-9, 2021

Date: July 2, 2021

Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July!

Technically Canada Day was yesterday, but hurray Canada anyway! And hurray USA!

We may live out of the country, but we still gather to celebrate these holidays in Puerto Morelos. The celebrations are a bit more lowkey this year due to the ongoing COVID crisis and restrictions, but they are still happening around town, and unless there’s a radical change this year, the resorts will still have fireworks that you can see from town.

Things are busy this week! I think a lot of people have a long weekend and are spending it in Puerto Morelos. Fun!

Moving to Mexico Monday is actually Moving to Mexico Thursday this next week! This fun Zoom meeting gives you the chance to learn about the basics of buying property in, moving to and living in Puerto Morelos! We will be joined by some folks who have already taken the plunge. So mix up your margaritas, get comfy and get your questions ready…. Here’s the Zoom registration link —

Friday, July 2

Saturday, July 3

Sunday, July 4

Monday, July 5

Tuesday, July 6

Wednesday, July 7

Thursday, July 8

Friday, July 9

Are we missing something? Let us know and we can add it to our event list!

Kim & Gabriel