What’s Up in Puerto Morelos! | January 31 – February 7 2020

Date: January 30, 2020

If you thought you could escape Superbowl fever by coming to Mexico, think again!

American football is very popular here and everyone has their favorite team. Which is too bad because we all know the Denver Broncos rule, but anyway… 🙂

This weekend brings the big game and if you’re wanting to watch it, you’re in luck! There are several restaurants and bars hosting Superbowl parties around town. We’ve listed the ones we can find below, and will update the list as more businesses announce their plans. Please note that you’ll need reservations at most of these spots as Sunday will be CRAZY!

Other fun things going on include the Puerto Morelos Beach Market on Saturday and the Jungle Market on Sunday morning — both definitely worth a visit! Next week we’ve got Moving to Mexico Monday on Monday afternoon at La Sirena and lots of live music around town throughout the week. Hello high season!

What’s Up in Puerto Morelos!

 Friday January 31

 Saturday February 1

Sunday February 2

 Monday February 3

Tuesday February 4

Wednesday February 5

Thursday February 6

Friday February 7

Are we missing something? Let us know and we can add it to our event list!


Kim & Gabriel