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Start a New Way of Life in Puerto Morelos

We go way beyond helping you buy a house in Mexico. We’re here to invite you into a community that makes a foreign destination truly feel like home.

The Fun Starts Here

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So you’ve fallen in love with Mexico and you’re dreaming about making a move…but you have no idea where to begin.

You’ve likely done some initial research, received some ‘tips’ & ‘advice’ from the guy on the next barstool or your favorite (and well-meaning) taxi driver.  And while the margarita fever is real, you ultimately want to work with an experienced and trustworthy professional, feel confident in your transaction, and know you have local friends you can rely on (that’s us!).

Whether you’re interested in buying a vacation home, making Puerto Morelos your primary residence, or living out your retirement winters in the Caribbean, you’ve come to the right place, friend. 

We’re a team of local experts who are deeply rooted in and total champions of living local in Puerto Morelos - and we've been in your shoes.  So relax and let us  take it from here.  We'll help you move in the direction of your dreams with information you can trust.
(Did we mention conversations over cocktails are always encouraged?)

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10 Essential Tips for Buyers in Mexico 

Don’t be a victim of “margarita fever”! It’s a real thing, and it doesn’t (necessarily) involve drinking margaritas, but does involve the phenomenon of checking your common sense at the border when you visit and fall in love with Mexico! The truth is that you can safely buy property in Mexico, but you must take steps to educate and protect yourself. Start by downloading our free guide and then let’s talk, okay?

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“They helped me feel like a local even before I got the keys!”

You would think that buying property in a foreign country would be a difficult and somewhat intimidating process but it was the exact opposite with Kim and Gabriel - it was not only easy it was also fun! They are both wonderful and professional people who made the experience enjoyable and exciting. They are also so knowledgeable not only of local laws but also the area - they helped me feel like a local even before I got the keys! So grateful to them both for helping me get into Mexican life.

— Linda K.

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Become a Local & You'll  Never Have to Leave

We’ll show you the way to make it happen without the stress or worry along the way. Get in touch to book a free virtual chat & let's talk about your dreams, with a side of salt & lime!

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House Hunters International 

Binge watching House Hunters International is even more fun when you get to see our buyers & Puerto Morelos on your screen!  Check out our latest episode here, or binge all the Puerto Morelos episodes below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The thing about buying property in another country is that very few of us have done it before, which can create a lot of apprehension and anxiety. But don't worry!  We are going to break everything down and take you from "deer in the headlights" to "I've got this!" in no time.  Our FAQs are a great place to start.


If the mere thought of buying a property in Puerto Morelos (and actually moving in!) has your head spinning with overwhelm, never fear, The Puerto Morelos Buyers Bootcamp is here!  We will take you from overwhelmed to "no pasa nada" in no time, and have some fun along the way!

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Buyers Bootcamp

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Our wildly popular newsletter is just what you need - chock full of fresh intel, early access to real estate listings, and insider tips for living your dream in Puerto Morelos.


Buyer Bootcamp

Don't let the name fool you - this program is less "drop and give me 20"-ish and more tequila cocktails + digging into the REAL facts about buying property in (and moving to) Puerto Morelos. 


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