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Hurricane Season 2022 is here….

Like it or not, June 1st was the official start date of Hurricane Season in our area!  Storm activity typically remains low until September/October, but the Pacific coast already started out the season with Hurricane Agatha and then Tropical Storm Alex just formed off of our coast, so maybe “typical” doesn’t apply this year? Both […]

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ADIOS, Snowbirds! HOLA, Low-Season….

We just ended one of the busiest weeks of tourism, Semana Santa (Holy Week). Not only does this week jumpstart us into spring, but also we will slowly start seeing the town get a little bit less busy in terms of tourists… And come May, we will start the low season! How low will it […]

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This Week in Puerto Morelos – December 10 – December 17, 2021

It’s another beautiful week in paradise… If you would like to have this list (and other fun Puerto Morelos related goodies) delivered straight to your inbox each week, please get on our list HERE! Friday, December 10 Beginners Ashtanga at Sundara Yoga 7amPilates for Adults and adolescents at Casa Cultura 7-8:30amBeach Yoga with Mina in front of Amar Inn 8amContemporary Dance at Casa […]

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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Puerto Morelos!

Hello friends!  Happy November, or what’s left of it! It’s hard to believe that 2021 is drawing to a close and that Thanksgiving is upon us next week. Although Thanksgiving isn’t a traditional Mexican holiday, most Americans and Canadians who live here (and visit here) still wish to gather with family and friends and celebrate […]

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Moving to Puerto Morelos? Here are 10 Things to Do Before Leaving Home

So you’re moving to Puerto Morelos, now what? First of all – don’t freak out! Moving to Puerto Morelos is an adventure, and if you do your homework up front, you’re going to be just fine. We promise. Although it can seem overwhelming to move to a new country, it’s just like any other big […]

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Happy Closing Day! From Puerto Morelos to Guanajuato and from Texas to Puerto Morelos…

Happy Closing Day! We are so excited to celebrate with our clients on the closing of the sale of a great condo at Las Iguanas! WOOHOO! Today is a great celebration for Mike and Judy Moist and we are so excited to welcome them as homeowners here in Puerto Morelos! Mike and Judy have actually […]

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Hello Hurricane Season in Puerto Morelos!

Hurricane Season is here! Hurricane season officially started in June, but we usually don’t see much storm activity in this area until late September/October. And even then it is usually just tropical storms/depressions. Although last year threw us for a loop with the first hurricane to hit us since 2005, Hurricane Delta, and the another […]

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Buying Property in Mexico with Attorney Ivan Castillo

Buying property in Mexico doesn’t have to be scary! As long as you do your homework up front, and work with real estate professionals, your experience with buying property in Mexico can be a breeze. During this Moving to Mexico Monday Zoom meeting, Riviera Maya real estate guru, Ivan Castillo of Secure Title Riviera Maya, […]

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