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Have a Very Merry Navidad in Puerto Morelos

December 21, 2023

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat!

So it’s time to start planning for your Christmas meal.

We’re well into the holiday celebration here in Mexico. The Christmas season starts December 12th with the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe and doesn’t officially end until 3 Kings day which falls on January 6th.

The dates heading up to the 24th are famous for “posadas” or holiday parties. The history of the posada is deeply rooted in the Catholic church, and symbolizes the journey of Mother Mary and Joseph going from inn to inn looking for a place to receive baby Jesus.

Today’s version of the posada is a bit different- people and work places will host holiday parties with food, alcohol, games and gifts leading up to Christmas. But in Mexico the big day is actually December 24th.

Families typically join together in celebration to drink, eat and be jolly. Dinner is typically served in the evening, some families will attend midnight mass, and the party continues into the morning.

On the 25th, businesses are typically closed and the families join back together for the “RECALENTADO” or what we would call leftovers in English.

Exchanging gifts and the idea of Santa has gained in popularity over the years, but the main gift giving day is January 6th. Rather than Santa Clause bringing gifts, in Mexico its said that the 3 Kings arrive with gifts, much like they did with baby Jesus.


Ok, so now that you have the back story, if you are planning on being in Puerto Morelos over Christmas keep reading! You will find that some businesses will host a Christmas meal on the 24th (and some on the 25th!), or be open with their regular menu.

Be prepared for many restaurants and businesses to be closed on the 25th! We have added a few brunch spots to the list as well that have confirmed that they will be open.


Christmas Dinner on the 24th!

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Christmas Dinner 24th & 25th

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Christmas Dinner the 24th.

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Open with regular menu 24th & the 25th

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Great for Christmas day brunch! They open at 8am.

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Open Christmas day at 8am!

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Are you cooking at home? Be sure to swing by Carnes Y Mariscos del Puerto! From lamb chops, to shrimp, to turkey, they have it all!

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Where ever you find yourself during this holiday weekend, we wish you a very Feliz Navidad!

-Kim and the Run Away Team

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