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ADIOS, Snowbirds! HOLA, Low-Season….

April 26, 2022

We just ended one of the busiest weeks of tourism, Semana Santa (Holy Week).

Not only does this week jumpstart us into spring, but also we will slowly start seeing the town get a little bit less busy in terms of tourists…

And come May, we will start the low season! How low will it go? We aren’t ever really sure. But we do know things have slowed down a bit in the office (thankfully?!). 

Not only do we see less tourists this time of year, but we also say goodbye to our seasonal Puerto Morelians, better known as the snow birds! Usually about this time of the year, they lock up their homes and head north!

So keeping them in mind, we’ve put together a few helpful tips for closing up your home for the season! 

Not a snow bird? This could still be helpful when you escape the heat for a week or two this summer! 


The first thing on everyone’s mind when they are away from home is security!

In the past, you just locked your door and crossed your fingers before leaving, but now there are many things you can do to ensure a safe home.

For us, the Ring Security system was honestly a game changer. You are in control from anywhere in the world, from your phone! The company offers both small interior cameras, speakers, motion lights and doorbell cameras. The doorbell allows you to see AND speak to whoever is at your front door from your phone or other devices such as a computer or tablet!

Ok… If someone is breaking into your house, they probably won’t ring the doorbell first. But that’s what makes the motion sensor super handy.  The cameras and doorbell will send you alerts if any motion is detected.

Oh and not to forget the speaker! Somebody taking a dip in your pool while you’re away? Just yell at them through your phone “GET OUT OF MY YARD!”

We cannot recommend this tool enough… Not only does it help monitor unwanted visitors, but it is also extremely helpful if you are employing people while away from home. You can make sure people are in fact showing up to do their job! 

Of course there are many different brands at different price points that offer a similar product. Shop around and find the system that will work best for you and your home!


We know home maintenance is WAY LESS FUN than playing on the beach in Puerto Morelos, but if you’re going to leave your home closed up for the summer months, you’re going to need to take care of that deferred maintenance first.

Fix the roof, clean downspouts, be sure to get your A/C’s cleaned. If you have a pool, make sure it is professionally serviced and closed down for the season, or if you’re leaving it full, make sure you have arranged for it to be cared for.

Don’t forget to figure out payment options for your monthly bills! Luckily at this point most bills can be paid online. Other options are to pay a large sum ahead of time or have someone in Puerto Morelos pay them for you.

Many people ask if they should hire a Property Manager and honestly, if you are going to be gone for a long period of time, it’s a great idea.

No matter how prepared you are, things do happen when you are away and it’s important to have a some one on the ground that can help out!


We all know that the summer is HOT AND HUMID. Hence why so many people head elsewhere during this season! But with that being said, we cannot stress enough… PREPARE FOR HUMIDITY. If you don’t have air circulation of some sort, things WILL mold. Furniture, leather, clothing, linens, inside cupboards…. 

Our humidity hacks? Air sealed bags for your clothes and accessories. DampRid buckets throughout your home, especially tight spaces.

Leave interior doors and cupboard doors open.  Leave appliance doors open (dishwasher, washing machine, unplugged fridge).  If possible leave ceiling fans on low and if you hire a property manager be sure they run AC’s from time to time!

Oh, and don’t forget about your parked vehicles! Those also need regular airing out. 

As for pests and insects, have a professional fumigate before leaving. Make sure your home is properly sealed and have your home deep cleaned prior to locking up! Throw out any perishable food and of course garbage. Another tip is to leave your drains closed or covered– avoid insects from coming up through the drain (and also traps stinky gases!)


Yes, summer is a great time to escape not only the heat, but also rainy/hurricane season!

But with that being said, have a plan in place.

Make sure you secure any patio furniture or plants that will fly away in a storm prior to leaving. Also if you have solar panels, be sure to arrange a team to secure or remove them if needed! Check and make sure your storm shutters are in working order or have them installed if needed.


Want a more detailed list of what to do before you fly north? We’ve put together a Snowbird Spring Checklist and you can Click here to get the downloadable version! Snowbird Spring Checklist

And to those of you heading north, we will see you in the fall! 


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