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Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Puerto Morelos!

December 21, 2022

ADIOS, 2022! HOLA, 2023.

Ready or not, another new year is upon us! We don’t know about you, but after a couple of weird COVID ruled years, 2022 seemed like it was almost back to “normal”. Tourism in our little town started flowing again, we stayed busy with sales, and we even got out of the office for travels of our own! It was a great year, with many adventures… And we have a feeling 2023 will even be better!

Ringing in the new year in Puerto Morelos?

You can always find a good time in Puerto, ESPECIALLY on New Year’s Eve! There are SO MANY great New Year’s Eve menus and parties planned. Champagne will be flowing, music will be playing, and restaurants will be packed.

Don’t forget the grapes?!

Whether you’re celebrating with a night on the town or from the comfort of your home, be sure to embrace some of the local traditions…

Don’t be surprised to see grapes at a New Year’s Eve party in Mexico. When the countdown begins before the clock strikes midnight, it’s tradition to eat 12 grapes. Each one represents a wish for the months to come in the new year.

Also- be sure to choose your underwear wisely on December 31st! Yes, you read that correctly. Your undie color is a precursor for the year to come… Red for love, yellow for prosperity and happiness, green for wealth and well being, and white for hope and peace.

And probably our FAVORITE local tradition would be watching the first sunrise of the year from our gorgeous beach! Whether you stay up all night and into the morning OR wake up before the sun, get down to the beach on the 1st to join in on the tradition.


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El Pirata

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REMEMBER! This is one of the busiest nights of the year! So make a reservation as soon as possible!

No matter where you are or what you’ll be doing this New Year’s Eve, we wish you a great time and a VERY HAPPY 2023! Thanks for a great year and for following along with us!


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