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Go-To Taco Spots in Puerto Morelos

November 16, 2022

Happy National Fast Food Day! Who’s celebrating with a BigMac?

While we love a quick drive-thru meal from time to time, our town of Puerto Morelos doesn’t exactly offer that service… BUT we got something that’s just as fast AND way better… THE TACO.

Here, fast food comes in a tortilla, not a bun. So in honor of this “holiday” we’re letting you in on our list of go-to Puerto Morelos “fast food” restaurants aka TACO JOINTS.

Side Note: Most of these places are dinner spots and open around 6pm (or later!) and stay open until late in the evening.

El Socio Naiz Taqueria

The only port side taco place on our list! This place offers a delicious menu and is a great location for those of you living/staying on the Port side of Puerto Morelos. More info HERE.


This hidden gem is located in Villas La Playa on Calle Armadillo. And believe us when we say it’s worth the search! While they have the usual items like bistek and pastor, the also offer vegan and vegetarian options. Our favorite- The Monkey! A fried plantain taco with pineapple, sauteed onions, and spicy salsa. YUM! More info HERE.

El Mariachi

Another taco joint situated in Villas La Playa just off of Avenida Timon that is sure to impress. Ok, we know this is a blog about tacos, but we can’t talk about El Mariachi without mentioning the quesadillas. They are FULL of cheese and a meat of your choice. SO GOOD. More info HERE.

Taqueria Neza

Neza Taco is THE taqueria when you are craving an authentic taco. The pastor taco is our go-to but they offer a little bit of everything (included tripe and the like for the adventurous eaters). The setting is simple but the food is PACKED full of flavor. But be careful with the salsas! THEY ARE SPICY. Located in Villas II. More info HERE.


This place is simple, but the tacos are amazing. And they have queso fundido (fondue cheese) that is out of this world. Located just off of Zetina Gasca in the colonia. This place doesn’t have a Facebook page, but it’s located right next to the public library off of the main road in the colonia!

Los de Oswaldo’s

Looking for tacos cooked over a wood fired grill? This is the place! And the location couldn’t be easier to find.. It is one of the first taco places you see when entering into the colonia on the left hand side. And they are open LATE (until 1am!). More info HERE.


This is THE taco truck in Puerto Morelos. It’s permanently parked outside of the aparment buildings in Villas La Playa and has multiple tables out front (that are always full!) Order to eat-in or to-go, either way the food is awesome! More info HERE.

So, where ya going tonight?


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