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La Vida Local: Las Yeyitas!

January 22, 2019

Las Yeyitas

We didn’t choose our office space because our favorite chicken place is right across the street, but it was a major selling point….

You’ve probably passed by Las Yeyitas a million times — it’s a tiny spot nestled in next to the tortilla factory and Casa Bohemia (with the beautiful bougainvillea) on Av. Ninos Heroes.   But if you’re a fan of delicious home cooked traditional Mexican food, you owe it to yourself to stop in and eat sometime…


For 32 years Las Yeyitas has been a staple in Puerto Morelos.  The owner, Mireya, originally opened selling traditional Mexican dishes, she added grilled fish to the menu 20 years ago, and finally grilled chicken.

Every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mireya cooks and serves her delicious meals and homemade salsas and tortures us with the scents…

You can enjoy any of her meals at the restaurant or order them to go.  All of her food is served hot with a side of rice, beans, tortillas and a selection of mild and spicy salsas.

Many workers in town love to stop in for “comida corrida” (food to go) on their lunch break.  This is one meal that varies every day and is offered in addition to the grilled fish and chicken.  Yeyita has a variety of great meals – we are huge fans of her  traditional Mole and Pollo in Adobo — but honestly, everything else has been great too — Chirimole, Milenesa de pollo or de res, Pozole, Ceviche, Caldo de Res, and Frijol con Puerco.  She also offers “Aguas Frescas” such as Horchata, Tamarindo and Maracuya.

For many Mexican nationals (including Gabriel, whose wife doesn’t cook very well and certainly can’t cook the wonderful dishes that he grew up with…)  Yeyitas provides a welcome taste of home on the go.



One of the most special things about Yeyitas is that its a family affair!  Any given day you can find her, her children and grandchildren either cooking, helping or just socializing at her restaurant.  They are happy to welcome you into their circle!








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