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La Vida Local- Tomas Juarez of Lighthouse Tours

November 7, 2018

Do you want to explore Puerto Morelos by bike, snorkel the second largest barrier reef in the world, or take a tour here in town or around the Riviera Maya? If your answer is yes to any of these, then our friend Tomas is your guy!


Tomas is the owner of  Lighthouse Tours, a full-service tour company located here in Puerto Morelos.  Tomas moved to Puerto Morelos from North Carolina 5 years ago and says he can’t imagine living anywhere else.  This is good news because we can’t imagine him not being here in town!  Tomas is one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet and he has a real wealth of knowledge about not only Puerto Morelos, but the entire Riviera Maya, and definitely knows the best ways to see the sights without breaking the bank!

Lighthouse Tours

After years of working as a chef, Tomas grew tired of the restaurant business and was looking to try something new.  He started selling tours with a local company, found out he enjoyed it (and was really good at it) and eventually decided to venture out on his own.  With a friend he opened Lighthouse Tours, a local business that offers snorkeling, fishing, bike tours, cenote tours, and tours to all of the big adventure parks in the Riviera Maya.

“I’m trying to help people out and make vacations easier for the people who come to visit Puerto Morelos.”

Tomas will be celebrating 2 years of successful business in December and just added a new tour, his favorite so far. It includes a bike tour of Puerto Morelos to show you around town, a visit to 2 snorkeling spots in the reef of Puerto Morelos and then finishing off the day with a complimentary lunch. Yum!


You may have seen the Lighthouse Tours locations around town on the town square, or at the most famous location on Av. Javier Rojo Gomez across from Salciccium.  If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and say Hola!



Tomas has made his home here with his wife, Liz,  and together they are proud parents of their dog named Solo.  Although we can’t help wishing this was a Star Wars reference, it isn’t…. Solo appeared out of the blue on Tomas and Liz’s doorstep one day, and this inspired his name – vino solo – he came by himself, “Solo”.  There’s an argument that Solo should really be named Lucky”, since he found such a great family!

Favorite Things

Tomas’ favorite thing to do in Puerto Morelos is sit on the white sandy beaches with his family and a cold beer in his hand;  That is, of course, unless his favorite soccer team (Club America) is playing on T.V., in which case you’ll usually find him somewhere watching the match!

Tomas’ favorite thing about Puerto Morelos is also our favorite thing about Puerto Morelos: the people. He has met a lot of people here and has made some great friends and says this is where he feels most comfortable.  This wonderful town and community has given him his company, his family and most importantly has given him his forever home.

To book a tour with Tomas and Lighthouse Tours send them a message here.

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