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Puerto Morelos Real Estate News: We Finally Have an MLS and You Can Have Access Too!

August 15, 2018

Big News for Puerto Morelos Real Estate: Our MLS system is finally online!

If you’ve been looking for Puerto Morelos real estate with us in the past, you know that one of the complications here is that there has been no central location to find listings.

Agents here have had to be detectives scouring the internet and their personal sources to find listings in the area.   All that detective work was time consuming! We spent a lot of time weeding through old listings that had never been updated, fake listings, you name it!  Well just this spring, after years of preparation work by a fantastic agent in Cancun – Heidi Wosak – an MLS system was rolled out for this area.


Our system is called AQR-MLS and as of now, it is not public facing, meaning you as a potential buyer or seller cannot just go online and access the MLS and start searching for properties BUT it is available to professional agents (and we can set up our clients to have access! See below!) and it is a GREAT tool which will really improve our ability to stay up to date on all listings in Puerto Morelos and the whole Riviera Maya.  It also gives us unprecedented ability to market our listings to agents throughout the Riviera Maya and Mexico, which will be a powerful tool for our exclusive listing clients.

Not only will the MLS provide us with a central spot for Puerto Morelos real estate listings, the administration is asking for verified sales history for sales within the last year.  Why is this important?  In this area of Mexico property sales information is confidential.  You cannot just go to the Public Registry or tax office to find out what a property sold for (or who owns it, which is very frustrating!), so unless you are actually involved in a sale, you have no way of knowing what a particular property sold for.  Without this comparable sales information, it is difficult to determine what appropriate listing prices are for sellers and what appropriate purchase prices are for buyers.

We have been in a unique situation of being involved in a large number of transactions over the past 6+ years, so we have a good idea of market values, especially on the port side of Puerto Morelos, but getting information on comparable sales in other areas will really be useful for both our sellers and buyers.

What does this mean for you?

If you want to keep your eye on the Puerto Morelos real estate market, we can set you up to have access to the MLS!

Just send us your name, email address, and wish list/price range and we will set you up in the system.  You will receive updates when listings are added, prices are changed or properties are sold.

Send your information to to get signed up!

Important Note: The MLS is very new and not all agents have “bought in” to the idea, so not all Puerto Morelos real estate listings are posted there yet.  As the MLS becomes more widely known, we will see more and more agents posting their listings and using the MLS to find properties for their buyers.  Right now it is just another tool for us to use to find the perfect property and to market our properties to a wide range of agents throughout the Riviera Maya and Mexico.

Also, the MLS only allows exclusive listings, so for the immediate future, we will still have to do a bit of detective work to find all legitimate listings and we will only be able to feature our exclusive listings on the MLS.

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to write ( or call – 866-694-9849!

Run Away Realty is a boutique-style brokerage located in the heart of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We live and work in Puerto Morelos and are passionate about helping others discover how special our community is!  We strive to provide a seamless, hassle-free real estate experience, and, most importantly,  to take the mystery out of buying in Mexico.  If you’re thinking of buying, we are ready to help you understand Puerto Morelos real estate – a great place to start is our FAQ page – or  just give us a call or shoot us an email to find out how!

If you would like to know more about Run Away Realty, and see what our clients have to say about working with us, please click HERE!





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