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10 Things You Need to do BEFORE You Move to Puerto Morelos Mexico!

September 23, 2021

So you’ve decided to move to Puerto Morelos, Mexico, now what?

Whether you are relocating or just planning an extended visit, there are a few things you need to do before you leave home to make sure your ducks are in a row when you arrive in Mexico. Being prepared before your move can make your transition much easier!

In this installment of Moving to Mexico Monday, we discussed how to ensure a seamless process in your move to Mexico. Moving abroad can be very overwhelming and we want to help you cover all the bases.

Getting your affairs sorted before moving to Mexico will help you settle into your life much faster.


Something to think about ahead of time is the fact that we basically have no mail service! That’s right, any letters, packages or junk mail is unlikely to reach your new mailbox here in Mexico. YES Amazon will be able to find your house (trust us – this is a new skill!) but if you are expecting any important documents in the mail, try to go paperless and receive bills and communications via email. To have the mail being delivered to you in the USA or Canada forwarded to you, we suggest you set up a virtual mailbox account.


If you’re going to keep your bank account in the USA or Canada, you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t paying expensive international transactions fees when you use your debit card for purchases or to withdraw money. If your bank charges those, consider some other options. Charles Schwab is popular, and a PayPal Debit Card is nice.


There are several ways to obtain residency here in Mexico. You do NOT need to be a resident to own property but you will need it for other legal matters. For more information, please see our YouTube video featuring Milly Arceo with Legally in Mexico


Whether you are traveling for 6 months or plan on moving here full time, having a health insurance that travels with you is a great way to be prepared for any misfortunes that may occur away from home. Investigate policies here in Mexico; there are many companies offering global insurance!


Will you continue using your mobile service when you arrive to Mexico? Be sure to check with your service provider that you can travel abroad and still use your mobile devices without worry. If not, there are many ways to obtain a Mexican phone number and service. OH, and don’t forget to download WhatsApp – its a free international call & text service that uses your existing number. EVERYONE uses it, be sure to have it before you leave for your new adventure!


You may need items like birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, death certificates, corporate documents certified and/or apostilled. In some cases, you may also need these documents to be translated.


Don’t leave your furry family members behind! Moving your pets to Mexico is a simple process.


Downsize as much as possible – you don’t need to move everything and you don’t want to! It can be expensive and complicated to get your belongings here. Figure out what you can live without before you start packing. If you are going to hire movers or ship via container ship, you’ll need a customs broker.


Between taxis and colectivos, you can get around town very easily in Puerto Morelos. Biking and walking our small town is also doable but it is great to have your private vehicle to begin your adventures around Mexico. Bringing your US/Canadian plated car can be an option, buying new or used cars is also very easy to do.

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