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Happy Closing Day! From Puerto Morelos to Guanajuato and from Texas to Puerto Morelos…

August 27, 2021

Happy Closing Day!

We are so excited to celebrate with our clients on the closing of the sale of a great condo at Las Iguanas!


Today is a great celebration for Mike and Judy Moist and we are so excited to welcome them as homeowners here in Puerto Morelos!

Mike and Judy have actually been living in town for awhile, and decided to make it permanent with the purchase of this condo. Little did they know they were embarking on a bit of a rocky road in trying to get this to closing, but they have been amazingly good natured and very patient. Thank you for that!

Mike and Judy hail from (also hot and steamy) Houston, Texas, and they plan to make Puerto Morelos their full-time home. It won’t be all “sitting on the beach sipping cocktails” for them though — they are going to do some remodeling on their new condo and they are both still working remotely. Best of both worlds!

We think Mike and Judy are great additions to the neighborhood and are excited for them to get started on this adventure!

Official signatures!

It’s a little bittersweet,though…

Buying and selling real estate can be emotional, and this transaction is no exception. It’s a little bit sad that our friend and long-time Puerto Morelian, Mary Jordan, has sold her beautiful home that she had created so many magical memories in over the last twelve years. And we are certainly sad to see her go.

On a personal level, Mary was one of the first people I knew in Puerto Morelos and she really helped me settle in to my new strange new life here. If you know Mary, you know she has a great joy for life and a wonderful, playful and adventurous spirit, which have really inspired me and many others. But while Mary won’t have a home here in town any longer, she isn’t TOO far away, as she has created a new home in Guanajuato, Mexico and promises she will be back to visit her many friends in town.

If you’re ever in Guanajuato, look her up though – she and her husband Peter have created a magical guesthouse – Casa de Colores – in the heart of magical Guanajuato and they would love to host you there.

This closing was a bit different…

Our first closing in the office and we are socially distanced!

Some closings go very smoothly, some are a bit more complicated. And this one was complicated not only legally, but also because the continuing COVID crisis has really slowed down all of the governmental processes, as well as the Fideicomiso bank processes.

Here we had to remove a beneficiary from a trust, extinguish the trust, then create a new trust, which means we had two legal teams, two fiduciary banks, federal and municipal agencies and a Notaria involved. It was a lot. And it took about 3 months longer than normal, but we got it done!

Our team at Secure Title Riviera Maya led the way, and even agreed to hold the closing at our offices in Puerto Morelos today to accommodate the parties. As always we thank them for their professional services and going the extra mile.

Are you next?!

If you’re thinking about making the move yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch and/or check out our FAQ page and we’ve got a ton of information on our Run Away Realty YouTube Channel! We’ve also got a free Puerto Morelos Buyer Brainstorming Guide –

Take care,


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