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This Week in Puerto Morelos

Ideas for Easter at Home

April 11, 2020

Easter kind of snuck up on us this year. 🐰 This is what happens when you lose track of time, are avoiding the news/TV, and don’t have little ones to prepare baskets for, I guess.

Last year we got all dressed up and went to the Nizuc resort in Cancun for an amazing Easter Brunch with good friends (it was fabulous, and not crazy expensive – highly recommend) and this year we were hoping to go to Xcaret resort for their much buzzed about champagne brunch, but, well….best laid plans and all that.

Anyhoo, Easter is here and even though it might look different this year, home is a great place to spend it!

Easter Ideas

Here are some ideas for things to do on Easter Sunday. Maybe you’ll even start a new tradition?!

  • Have a Zoom or FaceTime call with family or friends you usually see on Easter (I always miss my family so much on Easter – why have we never done Zoom or FaceTime???)
  • Hold a virtual Easter Egg Hunt! Click HERE for a “how to”!
  • Have an Easter picnic outdoors with veggies, fruit, crackers, and cheese and wine, lots of wine….🍷
  • Watch church online together as a family – there are some amazing services that will be streamed around the world tomorrow. If your own place of worship doesn’t have streaming capabilities, “visit” another church instead. Ever wanted to spend Easter Sunday at Washington National Cathedral? Here’s your chance.
  • Listen to some Easter Musica well-curated Spotify playlist of Easter tunes can help you and your family make a joyful noise (even if you’re tone deaf, it turns out!) For those in need of a spirit-lifting performance, it’s hard not to smile and clap along when you watch the Mississippi Mass Choir, and I don’t know about you guys, but I always get goosebumps listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  • Get dressed up – Easter is a good opportunity to shake up the quarantine routine. For those who already had their Easter outfits ready, don’t waste them; wear them to your living room!
  • Give an offering. You may not be passing around the offering plate at church, but consider making an Easter-inspired donation to an organization that is meaningful to you, whether it’s your church, a local food pantry, or your own cleaning lady who’s currently out of work. If you would like to donate to the Puerto Morelos Food Bank run by MexiCAN Compassion Project, click HERE. A little generosity goes a long way.
  • Make a traditional Easter meal – whether you do Easter brunch with quiches, fruit and scones or a ham dinner with scalloped potatoes. Make it fancy – set the table with linen napkins, light some candles and maybe even open a bottle of champagne? 🥂 Local tip: Gabriel tells me that Easter dinner here is usually a fish dish. In his family they always had “tortitas de camaron” but other traditional favorites are stuffed peppers with tuna, stuffed chayotes (chayotes are like a squash) with fish and don’t forget the Capirotada – a traditional dish like a bread pudding.
  • Make a classic Easter recipe. Aunt Marilyn may always make the deviled eggs for your family’s Easter brunch, but this year, if you want deviled eggs, it’s up to you. Call her for some tips on piping the yolk mixture back into the egg white, and ask if she’ll share her top-secret ingredient. Nothing like a shared family secret to make everyone feel a little closer! Plus, it’s an easy way to keep favorite traditions alive, even when the usual gathering has been canceled.
  • Order Easter Dinner from a local restaurant – Oh how I wish we could order a nice ham and some scalloped potatoes here, but there don’t appear to be any restaurants offering this in our neck of the woods.
  • Color Easter eggs and have your own Easter egg hunt
  • Get out the cookie cutters and make homemade sugar cookies in the shape of bunnies, carrots and eggs

Whatever you do…

Count your blessings. Instead of focusing on everything that’s different and “wrong” about this Easter, focus on what’s right. Enjoy the day, savor the moments, and remember nothing else is guaranteed.

We wish you all the best,

Kim & Gabriel

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