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7 Ways to Visit Puerto Morelos Without Leaving Your Couch

April 10, 2020

Don’t get up!

Hello from Puerto Morelos, where the weather is unbelievably beautiful but most of you can’t get down here to enjoy it….

Even though you can’t visit in person at the moment, we have put together some great options for visiting Puerto Morelos without leaving your couch! How, you may ask? The magic of TV, my friends. Check out these Mexico Life and House Hunters International television episodes featuring our beloved little village. You’ll definitely recognize some of your favorite spots in town, and probably many of the people (including us).

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a link to stream the episodes directly, as we aren’t allowed to post or broadcast them in any way, but both of these shows air on HGTV and, if you have a cable package or service with on demand streaming, you may be able to see the episodes for free. Also, if you’ve got Discovery +, you will have access to all of our episodes.

If that isn’t an option, you can purchase them very inexpensively on Amazon Prime (and actually, they may be included in your Prime package – they aren’t included in ours because we are in Mexico) and we’ve linked the appropriate pages below.

Happy remote viewing! We do hope you all are healthy and we hope to see you back here in Puerto Morelos soon!

Mexico Life

Perfect Weather Winters in Puerto Morelos, Mexico – A young couple goes into business after buying a local bookstore in their favorite vacation spot of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. They’re tired of cold winters and are looking forward to the perfect year-round weather. This could be a risky move but will they find their dream home in their favorite spot? HGTV – MEXICO LIFE – SEASON 2, EPISODE 10 – AMAZON PRIME SEASON 3, EPISODE 6

Turning Vacation Into Home – After vacationing there, Minnesota high school sweethearts make a permanent move to Puerto Morelos, Mexico. They hope to find a home that is walking distance to town with enough outdoor space to host their entire family. HGTV – MEXICO LIFE – SEASON 2, EPISODE 11 – AMAZON PRIME SEASON 3, EPISODE 10

Experiencing a New Culture in Puerto Morelos – A couple leaves the cold mountains of Colorado to experience the beautiful beaches and culture in the small village of Puerto Morelos. They hope to find a home with an office space that’s walking distance to the shops and restaurants in the town center. HGTV – MEXICO LIFE – SEASON 2 EPISODE 25 – AMAZON PRIME SEASON 5, EPISODE 3

From Farming Pigs to Catching Waves in Puerto Morelos – After falling in love with the small fishing town of Puerto Morelos, a pig farming couple from Ohio wants a break from running the farm. They feel like the town’s sleepy streets are a perfect fit and want to find a dream home with rental potential where they can enjoy every moment at a bargain price. HGTV – MEXICO LIFE – SEASON 3, EPISODE 5 — AMAZON PRIME SEASON 6, EPISODE 2

Making Monkey Friends in Puerto Morelos – A mom of two from Edmonton, Canada, is moving to Puerto Morelos, Mexico, to explore new culture. The children want separate bedrooms, bathrooms, and a private pool while still being close to the beach. However, mom wants to stick to her budget and have plenty of outdoor space. HGTV – MEXICO LIFE – SEASON 4, EPISODE 7 – AMAZON PRIME SEASON 8, EPISODE 14

House Hunters International

Utah Couple Searches for Mexican Bed and Breakfast – Craig and Jill have sold their very successful Mexican restaurant in Park City, Utah, and are moving to their favorite vacation spot, Puerto Morelos, Mexico. After living the chaotic lifestyle of restaurant owners, they want to try to relax, while at the same time start a bed and breakfast and bring in the income that they left behind in Utah. They need to find a home that works for them and their anticipated guests.  Jill is more nervous about the venture, and wants to find a turnkey, move-in-ready property, but Craig wouldn’t mind doing a little renovation and putting his own stamp on it. HGTV – HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL – SEASON 94, EPISODE 7 — AMAZON PRIME SEASON 94, EPISODE 1

More or Less in Puerto Morelos – Tired of waiting to enjoy their lives, a couple decides to become digital nomads in the lovely town of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. They’ve sold everything they own in Texas to downsize to a simpler life, but once they cross the border with their two dogs, they realize that a new town and a new country may be stressful in unforeseen ways. HGTV – HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL – Season 132, Episode 6 — AMAZON PRIME SEASON 129, EPISODE 11

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