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Medical Care in Puerto Morelos

January 24, 2023

One of the many questions we get when people are making a move (or visiting!) Puerto Morelos is HOW’S THE HEALTHCARE!? And quite frankly- it’s great and MUCH cheaper than what most people are used to back home (ESPECIALLY if you’re from the United States).

Since it’s such a hot topic, we figured we should throw together a little blog post highlighting different medical facilities in Puerto Morelos!



The only hospital in Puerto Morelos is CostaMed which is near the highway in the
Pescadores. They offer emergency and ambulance services 24/7.

Number: 998-500-2505.


Live Medical Center

Located in the Villas La Playa, this is a great option for any minor health issue. It is advertised that English is spoken, but be sure to mention you need an english speaking health care provider when making the appointment, as most likely not all staff speak English.

Number: 998-196-8697

Facebook page HERE

Centro Médico Cubano

Located in Villas 1 this is a good option and one of the most affordable clinics. Very minimal English is spoken in this clinic. Walk-in only, unless seeing a specialist. Doctor visits start at $55 pesos and they have a small pharmacy on site. There is also a dentist and physical therapist working out of the same clinic.

Number: 998-208-8043

Facebook page HERE.

Medica Puerto Morelos

Dr. Victor Ballesteros – Dr. Victor is great and makes house calls as well. He’s also got some other folks working out of his office – a great accupuncturist, a dentist, and he consults with other specialists in the area if necessary. His clinic is in the Pescadores neighborhood – he speaks English, but not all the staff does.

Number: 998-255-3092

Click HERE for more info!


LOCAL TIP: If you have a minor health issue and want to see a fast (and cheap!) most pharmacies have a doctors office attached to it! The doctors take walk-ins for as little as $3usd an appointment. The most popular pharmacy like this would be Similares. The doctors are typically available during the morning for a few hours and then back late afternoon!


Dr. Lidia Gomez Puente

Puerto Morelos also has an excellent pediatrician, Dra. Lidia Gomez Puente. Her office is in the Colonia and she speaks English. Call or WhatsApp for an appointment.

WhatsApp: +52-998-577-2417

Get more info HERE

Dental Care

There are several dentists in Puerto Morelos!

Dr. Carlos Escalante

He’s a local favorite – His office is located on the port side behind the church. WhatsApp or email for an appointment. English speaking.


Phone: 998-184-1912

Dr. Sebastian Medina

Another popular English speaking dentist located in the portside near the church. WhatsApp for an appointment!

WhatsApp: +52-998-185-2788


Located in the Colonia of Puerto Morelos, Odomed is known for quality dental care and also an English speaking dentist. WhatsApp for appointment!

WhatsApp: +52-998-316-6125

Optical Care

Optica Rosso is in the Colonia on Calle Chaca near Av. Timón. They offer eye exams, monofocal and progressive lens glasses usually made in a day, and contact lenses. You can reach them via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: +52-999-425-8294

Facebook: HERE

Alternative Medicine

Looking for non-conventional medicine?! Our town is full of medical professionals practicing the art of alternative medicine!


Located in the colonia, Dr. Jose Sandoval is 100% bi-lingual and is a well known doctor practicing homeopathy in Puerto Morelos. You can contact him via Facebook or WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: +52-331-517-8790

Click HERE for Facebook.


Looking for an Acupuncturist? Dr. Dan is your guy. Well-known and respected. Reach out to him via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: +52-984-108-0623


When it comes to Chiropractors, Roberto is one of the best in town. He also is a massage therapist. Make an appointment via WhatsApp.


Stay Healthy!

Saludos! -Kim & Gabo

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