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Our Run Away Realty Team is Growing!

September 30, 2021

This is pretty big news you guys!

We are so excited to share with you that our little Run Away Realty team of two, is now a team of three.

Yes, after (almost) 5 years of the two of us trying to handle everything, we’ve finally realized that perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to have a little help. For two perfectionist control freaks, this is a pretty big deal. And we knew that bringing someone into a team like ours (i.e., a husband and wife team) could be tricky. It was going to have to be a very special person. And, as these things happen, when you make a decision and put your intentions out there, the universe provides…

Say hello to Keith (and Bruce!)…

We actually met Keith and his partner, Bruce, while delivering Christmas gifts on Christmas Day in 2019 (first clue that they are awesome: volunteering to hand out gifts early Christmas morning while on vacation).

It must’ve been a pretty great vacation, because they reached out soon afterwards and asked for help in finding a home to buy. They had decided to relocate full-time to Puerto Morelos! Great news!

And then COVID….

Keith and Bruce sold everything, packed up themselves and their cat and moved here, all during a global pandemic. That’s either determination or obsession – we are going to call it determination. Once they arrived, we got busy, found a great house for them in the Colonia, and finally got it closed in December 2020. They went through a major remodel and have now moved into their awesome home.

In just the short time they have been here, Keith and Bruce have already made their mark on Puerto Morelos. They have been active in volunteering around town — beach clean ups, school clean ups, volunteering during the COVID shutdown, you name it, they are doing it. They are also taking Spanish lessons and generally just loving beach town life.

Then this happened…

Over the course of our work trying to find the right home for Keith and Bruce, we realized that we had a problem: a rapidly growing number of buyers interested in buying in/or living in the Colonia neighborhoods and very little access to listings there or understanding of the different neighborhoods. We love the area – and are amazed at the great number of shops and restaurants and cute areas, but just didn’t have a great handle on it. (A real MLS would’ve really helped with this, but ….)

When Keith said he might be interested in helping us dig into that market and promote it (instead of retiring, which we thought was very generous of him) we were thrilled! Unexpected bonus! Who better to help folks settle into an area than someone who has done it himself and loves it?

Suffice it to say that we are thrilled, and we know our buyers are going to love working with Keith.

Here’s a word from Keith:

I joined the Puerto Morelos community in the summer of 2020. Bruce and I came to Puerto Morelos to find a simpler, slower-paced environment where we could focus on living our best lives and contributing to our community.

My dad was a naval officer so we always lived on the water when I was growing up. After 36 land-locked
years in Atlanta, I’m grateful to live in a beach town again! I’m a nationally certified sign language
interpreter, now retired after 20 years in the field. While living in Atlanta I was also a licensed real estate
agent working with Keller Williams in the Atlanta east metro market.

Joining the Run Away Realty team was a wonderful and unexpected opportunity, and I’m excited to be
involved in real estate again! While working toward licensure in the state of Quintana Roo, I would like to
use my recent experience of moving to Mexico and creating a new life to help others who want to take the
same journey.

We sold or gave away everything we owned and made the move to Mexico in order to find a better quality
of life where we could slow down and enjoy time together as we grow older. For me a big part of living your
best life means finding a place where you can breathe, relax, and enjoy everything that life has to offer. For
us, Puerto Morelos is that type of place.


Have I mentioned we are excited about this? We are. If you would like to reach Keith, please reach out to him via


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