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Say Hello to Laura!

November 5, 2021

Oops we did it again…

If you’ve been following along with us, you know that, after five years of being a two person show, we just recently brought in a new agent – Keith Smith – to help us serve more buyer clients (woohoo!)

And that has been amazing.

So amazing, that we realized we really need some help on the support end of things if we don’t want to lose our absolute minds, so – voila! Our little team of three, is now a team of four.

Meet Laura Perez!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest team member, Laura Perez.

If you live in Puerto Morelos, Laura may be a familiar face to you! She and her husband Nayo (and now their son, Julian) have been fixtures in our little community for quite some time.

Hailing from chilly Minnesota, Laura has been in the area for over 10 years and loves it!

She’s the creative force behind Luna La Mala Designs, and you’ve probably seen her gorgeous macramé designs at the artisan markets and gracing the walls of homes all over town (including our home and office!)

Laura is joining Run Away Realty as our Chief Organizer and Client Support. She’s going to be interfacing with clients and providing admin and marketing support. If you’re involved in a transaction with us, chances are good you’ll get to meet her!

A word from Laura…

Hi all! I’m Laura, a former Minnesotan who calls Puerto Morelos home. My journey began in December of 2010 when I visited Cancun for the first time. I loved it; the weather, the beach, the energy, but after one week it was back to Minnesota… In January… To the freezing cold… I quickly planned a trip back to Cancun. And that 3 week vacation basically turned into 10 years. And now here I am! Living in Puerto Morelos with my husband Nayo, 2-year old son Julian, and our 2 dogs Pako and Luna. 

But why Puerto Morelos? After 4 years of living in Cancun with Nayo (a Cancun native) we always felt like something was missing.  Whenever we got a break from our busy work schedules, we would take weekend getaways to Puerto just to relax. After spending a short period of time in Minnesota, we decided that Mexico is where we belong, but we didn’t want to move back to Cancun. We decided to settle down in Puerto Morelos! I think many people are drawn to Puerto not just because of the low-key beach life, but like us, the amazing community.  We immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. When our son arrived in 2019, that’s when I REALLY realized this is the perfect place for us. There are so many amazing opportunities here for kids and families!
I’m very excited to be starting my next chapter in Puerto Morelos in my role as Chief Organizer and Client Support with Run Away Realty! I will be doing a lot of the background work, but knowing that I’m helping people make their Puerto Morelos dream a reality is pretty exciting stuff.  And to top it off, I get to work with an incredible team!

To contact Laura

You can get in touch with Laura via email –

Take care,

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